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Richard Pryn media composer28

Richard Pryn is a talented media composer based in Swindon who has worked with the likes of Ikea, Evian and Nokia. Richard came to me wanting a website to showcase his portfolio of compositions as well as a showreel of his television and film soundtracks. Due to the large volume of rich media content on the site I decided to build the project in flash and actionscript.

Screenshot of

The design is centered around a series of stickman pencil sketches drawn by Richard. I used these images combined with a transformed music score (also from Richard’s sketch book) to generate a mac OS X style global navigation for the site. The testimonials, mp3s and video playlists in the site are all generated with actionscript using external xml files as a data source.

The original sketch which inspired the whole website

Stompfrog portfolio website26

Stompfrog is the name of my portfolio website. It was originally launched in August 2007 and has remained largely unchanged since then. The entire website consists of one page. The main sections of the site can be navigated using the global navigation on the left. The new content for each section of the site then slides in vertically using javascript. Sections of the site which have multiple pages of content can then be navigated through at a secondary level using horizontal animations. The css and javascript to achieve this effect was written by myself and utilises the jsTween library for the animations.

Screenshot of

Following it’s launch was featured on several css galleries including CSS Vault, One Page Love, CSS Clip, Screenalicious, Design Float, Most Inspired, and CSS Walk. More recently Stompfrog was also featured on One Page Love, a brilliant niche gallery dedicated to one page websites.

Due to the nature of these sites I was receiving a lot of traffic from web designers and it wasn’t long before stompfrog rip-offs started popping up. These where easy to find because the code thiefs didn’t have the intelligence to remove my google analytics tracking code!

Unauthorised copies of

Several months after the launch of Stompfrog I was contacted by Tim Alper, a journalist who was working for the Korean IT Times. Tim was writing an article entitled “Design At Any Cost?” which was about the importance of design in modern websites and other products.

Tim’s double page article combines some of my own thoughts (sent via an email interview) with those of Park Jung-Yeon a Korean market researcher. As well as it’s online presence the Korean IT Times is also in printed circulation. Many thanks to Tim for sending me a copy via airmail, it is much appreciated.

A photo of the March 2008 Korean IT Times