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Doctor, doctor…27

html5 doctor logo

I am really excited to be able to announce the publishing of my guest author post, HTML5 Custom Data Attributes (data-*) on the HTML5 Doctor website.

I have used HTML5 Doctor as a learning resource many times in the past and it feels great to be able to give a little something back.

Many thanks to Richard Clark, Remy Sharp and Mike Robinson for their constructive feedback on the article.

If I could dribbble20

All the cool kids are dribbling, why can’t I?

I haven’t felt this left out since my mum refused to buy me proper Nike trainers at school. Dribbbling is a new phenomenom all about sharing what you are working on and getting encouraging, inspiring and constructive feedback from other designers.

I think it is a fantastic idea and I love the execution of it, the site is simply stunning. Unfortunately dribbble is still an invite only proposition which is a bit whack if you are not friends of friends of the creators or an internationally renowned design super hero.

Whilst I am still unable to dribbble in public I thought I would dribbble in private and put out a blog post with the shots I would be dribbbling if I could.

These shots are both from projects I am currently working on and any dribbble-esque feedback on either would be much appreciated.

A current client project


An ongoing personal project


PS – If anyone out there has a spare dribbble invite they could send my way I’d be as happy as a kid with proper Nike trainers.

UPDATE: I now have my very own Nike trainers thanks to the lovely Matt Carey!