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Backbone.js – Time for Something New20

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Last week I was involved in a discussion which amongst other topics covered working with github and building javascript apps with client-side MVC frameworks such as backbone.js. Whilst I had a vague awareness of both I was unable to contribute very much to the conversation due to a lack of hands-on experience. Feeling rather frustrated by this I decided to grab the bull by the horns and jump straight into building a new backbone app and pushing the source code to github.

Last night, as a result, drinklist was born. The app itself is currently very basic and is neither intended to change the world nor make me famous. What I do however hope is that overtime it will evolve into a respectable code example which will cover some skills that I have not yet found an opportunity to implement in my current job.

The technologies involved in the app are:

The first version of the demo app also includes a to “Still to do…” list which outlines where I hope this learning exercise will take me.

Feedback from any more experienced backbone folk or suggested reading links would be much appreciated.