I am a user experience designer and front end developer based in Reading, England. I have a strong foundation in semantic, valid XHTML and CSS and in more recent years have gained significant experience working with Javascript, PHP, MySQL, XML and JSTL. If asked very nicely or if paid a lot of money you may even find me working with flash, actionscript and Perl.

In addition to these core languages I have also worked with several javascript libraries (predominantly jQuery), the codeigniter PHP framework, WordPress, the google gadget API, the Vista gadget API and the multimap API.

Since June 2007 I have done various freelance projects under the trading name of Stompfrog. These projects have included numerous websites, business cards, flyers, brand development, logo design and T-Shirt design. You can find out more about these projects from this blog and my portfolio website. If you would like to discuss a project of your own please do get in touch.

As well as doing freelance work I am currently a full time employee of Yell Group where I work on the team responsible for designing, building and maintaining Yell.com, Yell Direct and Yell Mobile.

Yell.com is a large UK based local business search engine which services millions of users every week. Whilst working in this role have gained vital experience in planning and executing user testing, understanding how changes in the site can effect the businesses success and how to work with a large development team using agile scrum methodologies.

Other non-work-related experiences include:

  • High altitude trekking in East Africa and South America.
  • Playing live bass guitar on BBC Radio 2, BBC 6music, XFM, Channel M (TV) and at Reading Festival 2006.
  • Achieving a BSc (Hons) in biology, specialising in genetics and evolution.
  • Eating strange things like rook, guinea pig, frogs and termites.
  • Snowboarding in five countries.