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Exploring Canvas – An ode to PS301

For me, the most exciting part of downloading a PS3 update is restarting, hearing that sound* and seeing if the shimmering ribbon of glory has been updated. Whether its a new colour, a floatier ribbon or more sparkles, it always seems to get better and better.


Earlier this week, as often happens, I found myself sitting in a darkened room, half reading email on my iPad, and half mesmerised by the PS3 wallpaper. My mind started wandering and I began to think about who made it and what the technology behind it was. I then decided that it was my destiny to try and recreate it. Not having access to any 3D design/animation software I decided to approach the challenge in a more familiar technology… Javascript, or more specifically Canvas.

Progress to date… (Not master branch)

Preview of PS3 style animation

Source on GitHub | Demo of latest version

Right now it’s a bit of a work in progress, it’s got a reasonable interpretation of the organic waves but it’s missing the sparkly bits. Once it’s finished, and if there is any interest (let me know in the comments), I might break it down into some tutorial posts.

DISCLAIMER: It’s only been tested in chrome so far so don’t be disappointed if you’re in another browser and nowt happens.

* The startup sound of the PS3 (which I believe is the sound of an orchestra’s string section tuning up) always reminds me of the opening to Keep the Car Running – Arcade Fire. Once this connection is made in your brain you will never be able to turn on your PS3 without your inner jukebox bursting into song… pretty annoying huh?… I’m sorry.

PS – I just lost the game.

Remote-Tilt: Designing the brand01

#RDGGEEK – iPhone app approved17

Today I received notification from Apple that my first iPhone app submission had been approved for the app store.

#RDGGEEK is a native Objective-C app that displays the speakers and talk descriptions for Reading Geek Night events past, present and future. The app is powered by a JSON feed from the main Reading Geek Night website. The event data is stored offline and updated every time the app is launched.

rdggeek iphone app screenshot

The #RDGGEEK app can now be downloaded from the app store.

New Josh Wynter site goes live02

This week has seen the launch of my latest freelance project, working with Josh Wynter, a talented composer from Bristol.

Josh Wynter website screenshot

Josh wanted a portfolio site to showcase a wide variety of media including; audio, video, photos and a news feed. He also wanted to manage the site using wordpress and for all of the content to be navigable without any page refreshes.

This was the first time I had worked with the new wordpress 3.0 release and it was a great opportunity to make use of the new custom post types. I personally think this is one of the best sites I have ever built and enjoyed every minute of it, Thanks Josh.

Josh’s website:

HTML5 site of the month22

This month’s issue of .net magazine has awarded the recently reskinned HTML5 site of the month!

HTML5 Site of the Month badge

As a front-end developer on the project I was quoted in the article as saying…

“The front-end dev team at Yell wanted to advance the coding standards, and moving to the HTML5 doctype was the first logical step. We made use of custom data attributes, placeholder attributes and local storage, all of which contributed to an improvement in the quality of our source code and the performance of our JavaScript. We also had the added benefit of being able to simplify our charset, style and script tags.” – Chris Bewick

This was an excellent project to work on and I am delighted with the reponse. Many thanks to @brucel for the great write-up and to @doodlemoonch for being, as always, a delight to work with.

This article can be found on page 57 of issue 204 of .net magazine.

Could I be a dick?06

Last night I came across a new post on stuff and nonsense entitled Could you be a dick? in which Andy Clarke challenges the world to come up with a spoof business card for a private investigator.

I was rather amused by this proposition and set to work on my own idea which has now been uploaded to the Hardboiled card flickr group. The nine best entries (as judged by Mr Clarke himself) will go on to feature in the pages of his forthcoming book “Hardboiled web design” to assist in the explanation of CSS3 selectors.