FriendSync – a New Spotify Feature10

FriendSync is an idea I had for a new Spotify feature that allows you to listen to exactly what your friends are listening to. This kind of functionality accompanied with instant messenger/VOIP would be a great way to share music with friends in real time and discuss the bits of an album that excite you the most. It would be just like you are there in the room, you can skip the tracks that you don’t like and rewind the bits that you think are really special.

How would it work?

The first step needed to enable this kind of feature would be enhancing the friends list to distinguish between friends that are currently online and those that aren’t. This could look something like this…
The more observant amongst you will have also noticed the addition of a FriendSync icon in the top right, next to your user name, but how would it work?

Spotify already utilises a fair bit of drag and drop functionality, for example, dragging songs into playlists and dragging albums into a friend’s inbox. I thought it would be cool to utilise this existing user behaviour for FriendSync to enable you to drag your friends onto the FriendSync icon. This interaction might look something like this…
Once you have dragged a friend onto the FriendSync icon, and they have approved your request, the icon will change to an active state. The same icon will also be duplicated next to the friend with whom you are synced.
Whilst you are synced with a friend you will hear exactly what they hear, they are in control.

If at any point you want to unsync, you can do so by moving the mouse over the FriendSync icon and clicking the cross which appears in the hover state of the icon as shown below…

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