#RDGGEEK – iPhone app approved17

Today I received notification from Apple that my first iPhone app submission had been approved for the app store.

#RDGGEEK is a native Objective-C app that displays the speakers and talk descriptions for Reading Geek Night events past, present and future. The app is powered by a JSON feed from the main Reading Geek Night website. The event data is stored offline and updated every time the app is launched.

rdggeek iphone app screenshot

The #RDGGEEK app can now be downloaded from the app store.

iPhone Development Course24

I have just completed a fantastic three-day iPhone development course run by @aral.

The course was an excellent introduction to xCode, Objective-C and the iOS SDK. In addition to this it really helped to cement the principles of OOP in my mind. Much to my delight, the example projects were very well thought out and could be applied to many real world applications.


Aral was a knowledgeable and enthusiastic teacher with a real passion for user experience. Big thanks to Yell for funding my place on the course and an even bigger thanks to Aral for opening the door to the App Store.

To find out more details about future dates for this course check out Aral’s website.

New Josh Wynter site goes live02

This week has seen the launch of my latest freelance project, working with Josh Wynter, a talented composer from Bristol.

Josh Wynter website screenshot

Josh wanted a portfolio site to showcase a wide variety of media including; audio, video, photos and a news feed. He also wanted to manage the site using wordpress and for all of the content to be navigable without any page refreshes.

This was the first time I had worked with the new wordpress 3.0 release and it was a great opportunity to make use of the new custom post types. I personally think this is one of the best sites I have ever built and enjoyed every minute of it, Thanks Josh.

Josh’s website: http://joshwynter.co.uk

HTML5 site of the month22

This month’s issue of .net magazine has awarded the recently reskinned Yell.com HTML5 site of the month!

HTML5 Site of the Month badge

As a front-end developer on the project I was quoted in the article as saying…

“The front-end dev team at Yell wanted to advance the coding standards, and moving to the HTML5 doctype was the first logical step. We made use of custom data attributes, placeholder attributes and local storage, all of which contributed to an improvement in the quality of our source code and the performance of our JavaScript. We also had the added benefit of being able to simplify our charset, style and script tags.” – Chris Bewick

This was an excellent project to work on and I am delighted with the reponse. Many thanks to @brucel for the great write-up and to @doodlemoonch for being, as always, a delight to work with.

This article can be found on page 57 of issue 204 of .net magazine.

Doctor, doctor…27

html5 doctor logo

I am really excited to be able to announce the publishing of my guest author post, HTML5 Custom Data Attributes (data-*) on the HTML5 Doctor website.

I have used HTML5 Doctor as a learning resource many times in the past and it feels great to be able to give a little something back.

Many thanks to Richard Clark, Remy Sharp and Mike Robinson for their constructive feedback on the article.

If I could dribbble20

All the cool kids are dribbling, why can’t I?

I haven’t felt this left out since my mum refused to buy me proper Nike trainers at school. Dribbbling is a new phenomenom all about sharing what you are working on and getting encouraging, inspiring and constructive feedback from other designers.

I think it is a fantastic idea and I love the execution of it, the site is simply stunning. Unfortunately dribbble is still an invite only proposition which is a bit whack if you are not friends of friends of the creators or an internationally renowned design super hero.

Whilst I am still unable to dribbble in public I thought I would dribbble in private and put out a blog post with the shots I would be dribbbling if I could.

These shots are both from projects I am currently working on and any dribbble-esque feedback on either would be much appreciated.

A current client project


An ongoing personal project


PS – If anyone out there has a spare dribbble invite they could send my way I’d be as happy as a kid with proper Nike trainers.

UPDATE: I now have my very own Nike trainers thanks to the lovely Matt Carey!