A New Chapter29

A little over five years ago I was blessed with the opportunity to join the web design team at Yell. I had no relevant work experience and no formal training in anything web-related. Luckily I had landed on my feet and had the support of some very knowledgeable, and more importantly, very likeable people.

Sharing a well deserved beer with the UI team - October 2010

Over the years this team tamed my naive enthusiasm and guided it in a very positive direction. Fuelled by their experience and encouragement I was able learn more about the web than I ever thought possible. More importantly I found myself in the very rare and very privileged position of looking forward to going to work on a Monday morning.

This month I was very proud to be promoted to Head of User Interface and take on the leadership of the very team which made me. My only hope is that I can give back half as much to the team as the team has given me.

Thanks – Chris, Rob, Rupert, Jill, Mel, Nick, Leigh, Rachel, Adam, Paul, Matt, Magnet, Grant, Franco, Carlo and everyone else.

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