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#RDGGEEK – iPhone app approved17

Today I received notification from Apple that my first iPhone app submission had been approved for the app store.

#RDGGEEK is a native Objective-C app that displays the speakers and talk descriptions for Reading Geek Night events past, present and future. The app is powered by a JSON feed from the main Reading Geek Night website. The event data is stored offline and updated every time the app is launched.

rdggeek iphone app screenshot

The #RDGGEEK app can now be downloaded from the app store.

iPhone Development Course24

I have just completed a fantastic three-day iPhone development course run by @aral.

The course was an excellent introduction to xCode, Objective-C and the iOS SDK. In addition to this it really helped to cement the principles of OOP in my mind. Much to my delight, the example projects were very well thought out and could be applied to many real world applications.


Aral was a knowledgeable and enthusiastic teacher with a real passion for user experience. Big thanks to Yell for funding my place on the course and an even bigger thanks to Aral for opening the door to the App Store.

To find out more details about future dates for this course check out Aral’s website.