In this blog I hope to share some highs and lows as I attempt the build of my first solid-bodied electric guitar. As I write this, the exact details of the finished guitar are fairly vague, all know for certain is that it will be a telecaster of some description.

My current plan is to write three kinds of posts which are as follows…

Visualisation – In these posts I plan to write about the planning and design process. This may include the reasons I have chosen particular components or materials or how I plan to overcome specific build challenges.

Creation – In these posts I will be documenting the progress of the build. This may include details of any jigs I have made, descriptions of the techniques I have used and progress photos of the guitar.

Contemplation – In these posts I will share all other thoughts about the project. This may include, posts about sources of inspiration, what I am hoping to achieve or venting frustration when if things don’t quite go to plan.

In addition to the main blog I am also going to make publicly available an expenses list of everything I have bought for the project. This will serve two purposes; firstly as an reference index of all the parts/tools I have used and secondly as an indication of how much a virgin luthier can expect to invest in his first home-build project.

This project is dedicated to, and also generously funded by my sadly deceased step-grandparents Tom & Irene Castle. With this in mind, I couldn’t resist the temptation to call the guitar, and indeed this blog —¬†Project¬†Telecastle.